Asian Food in Islamabad at Different Price Points.

Living in a country that loves spice and has a receptive palate when it comes to food, especially Asian, we get excited every time a new eatery opens its doors, hoping it is the one. That’s what we hoped to find and list down for you, at different price points – so you end up with a great Asian meal, no matter where your wallet is at.

Chop Chop Wok – $$$

F6 Super Market 

After becoming the go-to comfort food place for people in Karachi and Lahore, this Asian-Fusion restaurant has come to the twin-cities! When indoor dining is possible, a long wooden table crowded with stools gives you a front-seat view of the open stainless steel kitchen where chefs skillfully manipulate smoking hot woks. A serving of their dumplings and soup is bound to make your winter nights complete with flavor! 

For your main course, you are most likely to opt for their 3-step-wok which allows you to entirely customise your meal. Once you’ve made a choice between egg, rice, soba noodles, rice vermicelli, varieties of long grain jasmine or brown rice; the flavours on offer are thai, oriental, cantonese, japanese, vietnamese and pan asian. The protein options are tofu, chicken, beef, fish, chicken katsu, prawns, and a combination of the above. 

What people love most from their menu:

  • Sushi (Price varies with your selection)
  • Sticky BBQ Wings (PKR 540)
  • Wasabi Prawns  (PKR 860)
  • Chicken Chilli Ramen  (PKR 840)

While most dishes listed on the limited menu at Chop Chop Wok are neither new nor novel, it’s the priority they give to individual preferences that sets them apart. With the three-step wok one can select from a variety of noodles and rice options followed by flavouring and protein. It gives you the freedom to experiment with flavours and establish favourites.

Nom Nom Wok – $$$

Kohsar Market

We’ve all been loving the build-your-own-bowl option that Asian eateries are offering. It’s delicious, quick and healthy and gives us great flexibility of choice. While Nom Nom Wok came to the market when it was almost saturated, they knew they had to offer quality that wasn’t offered before. And they did.

What people love most from their menu:

  • Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice (PKR 795)
  • Golden Silk Prawns (PKR 695)
  • Chicken Dumplings (PKR 499)

Nom Nom Wok is great value for money. The menu is not extravagant nor is it fine dining Asian cuisine – but that’s what makes it special. It has the basics that can cure your Asian food cravings and give you a meal to remember within 40 minutes. You can expect the food here to be a lot more authentic with less garlic and chilli than is usual in Pakistan. 

PS: We have no explanation for why both the affordable options on this list have such similar names. We can only hope you leave the restaurant om-nom-ing. 

Suki Sushi – $$$

F10 Markaz & Diplomatic Enclave

Suki Sushi Restaurant is an authentic Japanese, Chinese & Korean Restaurant that has been proudly serving the Islamabad area and beyond since 2002. While they currently offer outdoor dining, car dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services, you can also order online for delivery and takeaways. While it might not matter during this era of takeaways and car-dining, the interior of the restaurant is far from impressive. Although, like most customers we predict that you too will realise that the thought and effort that hasn’t gone into the interior, has been directed towards the well maintained quality of food. 

Through the unique menu options you can tell that the chefs are well exposed, offering a far cry from the usual ‘locally acclimatized’ abundant versions of oriental menus available in town. This is probably also the only far Eastern eatery within the twin cities that is offering live Korean BBQ prepared on your table!

What people love most from their menu:

  • KimChi Beef Fried Rice (PKR 650)
  • Nigiri Sushi – 6pcs (PKR 800)
  • Beef Teriyaki Rice (PKR 1050)

Choose from Japanese, Korean & Chinese options at this highly recommended eatery. You are most likely to get served within 20-25 minutes of placing your order. 

 Dynasty – $$$

Marriott Hotel Islamabad

People in Islamabad have been going to Dynasty Marriott for around three decades now. The impeccable service, very clean environment (including the open kitchen), delicious food and inviting ambience is what brings customers back for more. A couple of years ago this was arguably the best place for Asian food in the twin cities, but it has a lot more competition now. While there have been complaints about the declining quality of food. In 2019 they brought back their previous well-known and loved chef and the restaurant has maintained its original quality of authentic food ever since. The low lighting and dark oriental décor create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy delicious fusion of Cantonese and Szechuan dishes with minor changes to suit the Pakistani palate.

What people love most from their menu:

  • Steamed Chicken Dumplings (PKR 590)
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken (PKR 890)
  • Kung Pao Chicken (PKR 890)
  • Dynasty Special Soup (PKR 950)

One of the best things about dining here is that once you’re done with your main course you can head on to the dessert trolley to finish off the meal with some signature delectable delights of Marriott Islamabad.

Asian Wok  – $$$

Bahria Town & Beverly center

Asian Wok is run by Monal which is already a cult favorite for anyone who lives in or visits Islamabad. This pan asian eatery is situated in two locations within the twin cities. On the weekends Asian Wok is often fully booked and there is a long waiting list. They don’t take bookings in advance through the phone which might disappoint some people. What we love most about it is the thought and effort they have put into making their Car-Dining experience an enjoyable one. 

They have a selection of Thai and Chinese options in their menu. Fish Crackers and a Mint Lemonade is complimentary with your order and they are constantly refilled! Their Cookie dough & Ice Cream (PKR 460) has been termed ‘a dessert that should not be missed’.

What people love most from their menu:

  • Beef Chilli Dry  (PKR 1695)
  • Garlic Fish (PKR 1815)
  • Dynamite Prawns (PKR 1845)

Once you’re done with your meal and dessert, they will treat you to complimentary green tea – ensuring that your ride home is as pleasant as your dining experience. 

Wild Rice Restaurant  – $$$$

Serena Hotel Islamabad

Wild Rice prides itself in being a restaurant that “brings together cuisines from South East Asia and features the exotic flavours of Thai, Malay, Japanese and Chinese specialties. The live station and picturesque views make Wild Rice an unforgettable experience. 

The prices ensure that you will not be here during lunch hour every day. But for the special occasion or a weekend it offers a perfect alternative in a nice and cosy setting. The only thing that puts us off (other than the price) is inconvenient placement in a fortress of a hotel that’s not very convenient to get into, unless you’re already staying at Serena dining here is a hassle.

What people love most from their menu:

  • Spicy Schezwan Prawn  (PKR 2350)
  • Nasi Goreng (PKR 1650)
  • Ebi Tempura (PKR 2850)
  • Miso Soup (PKR 1450)

If you decide to dine here we recommend that you try for a seat on the terrace of the restaurant, for a lovely view of the gardens. 

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