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Encroached Pakistan

Defining Encroachment: Contrary to common knowledge, encroachment isn’t just illegal occupation. Encroached property is a term that can be used for any and all construction that doesn’t fall under the construction bylaws of the city. It is any real estate situation where a property owner violates contractual property rights by unlawfully entering, building, or even […]

5 Ways You Can Revamp your House on a Budget.

Call us optimists, but we think everyone under the sun can have a beautiful home if they want one. Even if you’re pinching pennies, there’s still plenty you can do to create a stylish, inviting home for yourself and whoever you have over. Nothing beats redecorating a room and feeling like you’ve walked into a […]

PM Imran Khan Invites US-Based Architect To Transform Daman-E-Koh into the Most Environmentally Friendly Project in the World

US-based Kashmiri and acclaimed architect, Tony Ashai (formerly Aziz Ashai), has presented a futuristic concept design for Daman-e-Koh, a viewing point and hilltop garden in Margalla Hills, Islamabad, on the request of Prime Minister Imran Khan. In response to people of Islamabad’s concerns, Ashai stated that it is currently merely a concept and nothing more. […]

Road studs, rejected worldwide, still twinkle on Pakistan’s roads

Driving along a dark road, you might have seen occasional flashes of light emitting from some devices that have been installed on the road. These devices are called road studs or Raised Pavement Markers. These objects include a lens or sheeting that enhances their visibility by reflecting the light from headlights of vehicles and making […]

Hockey: Why Has Pakistan Gone From World-beaters To Olympic Absentees

“Pakistan’s national anthem played to honour the gold-winning team at the Olympics remains my best memory. It used to be a matter of huge pride for us. We grew up playing hockey on the streets but now our kids know nothing about the sport because we are nowhere to be seen in a sport that […]

E-11 Islamabad; Illegal Constructions Caused Nullahs To Overflow

The people of Islamabad witnessed heavy rains on Wednesday and it led to urban flooding. The authorities were left with no other option but to seek military assistance for rescue efforts. Seemingly the incident took place due to heavy rain (103mm) and the existence of narrow nullahs. However, the scenario of heavy rain like the […]

Top 7 attractions in Islamabad

Creating beauty and preserving cultural heritage are goals for any urban planner, and few capitals around the globe can kill two birds with one stone, bringing together the old and the new with spectacular wonders. Islamabad does exactly that. From the stunning pyramidal mosques that share the green cityscape, dotted with relaxing and family-friendly parks, […]