The 8 Best Places to Eat Out in Islamabad During the Third Wave of Covid-19.

As the third wave of coronavirus pandemic hits Islamabad, many of us yearn for the days of sitting in a restaurant. There’s something wonderful about eating food you didn’t cook and dishes you don’t have to wash. 

In times like this, it is best to stay positive and test negative. Many restaurants in the twin cities are now offering curbside pickup, carryout, or delivery options — even if they didn’t have these choices before. While the lowest risk option would be to order in, and dining inside a restaurant presents the highest risk; Patio or Outdoor dining is a fairly safe middle ground. 

Most of these spots in Islamabad are open at least till midnight. These places are designed for an outdoor open-air experience. And even with Covid 19 third wave smart lockdowns, they can stay open as there is ample ventilation. Here is a list of Eight cafes and eateries that provide outdoor dining while maintaining their ambiance. 

  1. Secret Sky

Surely you’ve seen this place on lots of your friends’ social media posts. Called the perfect hangout spot in the bustling capital, this is a unique outdoor setting under Islamabad’s poetic sky, designed to delight your appetite. Secret Sky is an amazing spot to be at especially on chilly nights in Islamabad. The unique atmosphere is a perfect blend of a natural and classic feel. 

The food options are varied and you will often find people jamming with their friends. Making the most of what is left of winter nights with a hot cup of their Gurh Tea on one of their swings sounds like the perfect night Following the current COVID-19 SOP’s, on the weekends they are open for pick-up delivery or to go only.

  1. The Penthouse

Presenting itself as ‘Islamabad’s New Identity’, The Penthouse is an experience in fine dining that everyone can afford. While they launched very recently, on the 1st of January 2021 – they are doing a great job at winning our local islamabadi hearts! If you’re tired of being cooped up at home, go enjoy an exclusive view of margalla hills along with juicy grilled barbeque.

Eating out at the lavish terrace of The Penthouse, you will not only savour variety of cuisine but also stunning views and fabulous outdoor dining experience in Islamabad.

  1. Chai O Clock

Another popular corner in Islamabad, filled with laughter and selfies is Chai O Clock. This location was a completely dark forest a few years ago but now it gets extremely difficult to find parking. The classic interior will make you nostalgic and colorful chairs and little tables will send you back to the ‘90s.  

This chai spot will remind you of the old days where it was routine to enjoy long group discussions with family and friends. It always feels good to sit down under a starry sky and banter back and forth with your loved ones. Chai O Clock offers a blend of teas with a very simple menu at affordable prices. So when you’re tired of emptying your wallet just for a night out with friends – this is where you need to be!

  1. Chai Mehfil 

Chai Mehfil offers a great rooftop experience with a cup of special tea. This place opened up a little while ago and has been quite successful in winning the hearts of Islamabadis. On its entrance, there is a big promotion wall with their famous tagline ‘Zaruri Maamlaat’. People love taking pictures here. The walls are beautifully done with mirror work, bright colors, and the Mughal theme that is truly ‘insta-worthy’.

 You can have a stunning view of Margalla Hills from this rooftop cafe. Vibrant and colorful decor gives a very desi vibe to Chai Mehfil. Everything adds up to the overall vibe.

  1. Howdy 

If chai spots aren’t your thing, Howdy is a themed burger joint located in F7 Islamabad.At Howdy! You will find a combination of excellent burgers, steaks, sandwiches and a lot more at value pricing, with a fun packaged atmosphere at our every outlet. The purpose is not only to serve great food but also make it a delightful experience for the guests.

Food is served in a friendly & lively environment in a ‘see-thru kitchen’ based on an exciting live cooking concept. Every outlet uses the Old West Cowboy’s theme, where excellent and friendly customer service supports the ambiance of a fun, energetic and happy lifestyle.

  1. Monal Pir Soawa 

  1. Hotspot cafe F-7

    With green open spaces and an upbeat and funky ambience Hotspot is the right place for young people to hang out during these Covid restrictions. The sitting space is spread around in a park that’s comfy. Also the trees provide you privacy so you can enjoy your eating out in peace while maintaining social distance.

       Sometimes you want to have dinner or lunch with people that are close to you and you want to have a meal out that you’ll remember or it could be a special occasion and you want people to have the best experience. If  a little added travel time is not an issue Monal restaurant at Pir Sohawa is the right place with its majestic overview of the magical city of Islamabad. If you want to have a light sit out with the view remember there is all new Gloria jeans right next to Monal restaurant. In this third wave of corona Monal restaurant is the right place for a family dinner.

  1. Blt 

Now I’ll be honest here, I haven’t been to BLT but I’m still adding it to the list on my friend’s suggestion because it’s one of his favorite places to eat out with friends. Alongside the tasty Food and ambience, they have also ensured all the Covid 19 SOPs are being followed diligently. From masks, to regularly changing gloves and wiping down all surfaces frequently – they are doing their best to keep you safe  in whichever way they can. 

If you choose patio dining, make sure the restaurant has strict policies on mask-wearing and social distancing. Even outdoors, tables should be at least six feet apart. Customers should wear masks when they’re not seated, and employees should wear them all the time.

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