Top 7 attractions in Islamabad

Creating beauty and preserving cultural heritage are goals for any urban planner, and few capitals around the globe can kill two birds with one stone, bringing together the old and the new with spectacular wonders. Islamabad does exactly that. From the stunning pyramidal mosques that share the green cityscape, dotted with relaxing and family-friendly parks, rustic ruins, and avant-garde markets for the youthful crowd – Islamabad has something for everyone. Here’s a list of the top 7 must-visit places in the city: 
  1. Faisal Mosque

Nestled at the foot of the Margalla Hills, the Shah Faisal Mosque is one of Asia’s largest and reflects an eclectic blend of ultramodern and traditional architectural design styles. The structure is primarily based on Turkish building systems with four tall Minar alongside the Bedouin tent formed lobby that is far from the common vaults. If you have visited the capital city before, you have most likely seen this breathtaking landmark in person. However, if you haven’t had a chance to pay a visit to this historical mosque yet, make sure to add this to the itinerary during your next trip to Islamabad.

  1. Daman-e-koh

Daman-e-Koh is easily one of the most visited tourist attractions in Islamabad. Surrounded by an enchanting landscape and decorated with dazzling fairy lights, this hilltop garden is a must-visit for those who really want to explore the brilliant nightlife in Islamabad. The park offers a panoramic view of the federal capital coupled with the picturesque Faisal mosque on the horizon. Adorned with wildflower meadows, this area is, without any doubt, a real treat for the eyes and makes a perfect picnic spot. Apart from the scenic beauty, Daman-e-Koh Park is dotted with kiosks that serve economical snacks. Not to mention that the extensive wildlife is one of the many reasons that this place is popular in Islamabad for having a day out with family. 

  1. Pakistan Monument Museum

The Pakistan Monument symbolizes national unification and solidarity as one people. The four converging petals represent Pakistan’s major provinces – Balochistan, Punjab, Kyhber-Pakhtunkwa and Sindh while the shorter petals sandwiched between them portray Pakistan’s territories – specifically Azad Kashmir, GilgitBaltistan, and government controlled Tribal Areas. The heritage museum houses several paintings, wax statues of our historical figures and other historical images. It is a chronological representation of our history starting from 7000 BC to 1947. It gives a deeper understanding of the start of Islam, the Mughal era, pre-partition history to the Pakistan movement and the major events that lead to the partition of the subcontinent. The museum pays homage to the lives involved in fighting for a separate homeland for the Muslims residing in the subcontinent.

  1. Margalla Hills

A perfect setting for hiking, this well-kept national park in the midst of the Lesser Himalayas also features chairlifts and various rock-climbing spots, while city-based clubs organize paragliding and hang gliding activities. With excellent restaurants overlooking the city panorama, the park provides a popular escape from the city for both locals and foreigners. Walking up the trails you may see some of the range’s abundant wildlife such as the Rhesus macaque monkey and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, a rare and exotic bird with a long light-grayish tail.

  1. Saidpur Village

If you’re looking for a rustic down-to-earth break from Islamabad’s glitzy malls and teeming bazaars, Saidpur village is a great place to experience authentic village life in a 21st century metropolis. Meandering through the square-roofed village in a ravine of the Margalla hills, one can visit a Hindu temple and a Sikh gurdwara. Feel free to roam the laid-back gravelly streets as children run and greet you around the ancient artwork and residents playing sitaars enjoy the town’s simple and traditional lifestyle.

  1. Lok Virsa Museum

Only a few minutes walk away from the Pakistan Monument, you will find the Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, a great modern museum of history, art and culture of Pakistan and other Central Asian countries. The museum consists of both outdoor and indoor exhibitions ranging from a collection of displays showcasing the vibrant and diverse cultures of Pakistan from different areas to allowing you to listen to recordings of traditional music and watch several locally-produced cultural documentaries. There is no better place to learn about Pakistan than at the Lok Virsa Museum.

  1. Lake View Park

Lake View Park, Islamabad, is one of many recreational spots that draw a large number of visitors throughout the year. In fact, if you have never had a chance to visit this impressive tourist attraction before, you must include it in your itinerary the next time you take a trip to the capital city. Situated on the edges of Kashmir Highway and easily accessible from Murree Road, the park features clean and green spaces for a family picnic and a few other things including a wildlife reservoir with exotic birds, an amusement park with fun rides and paved tracks for kart racing. 

Islamabad is a gorgeous city with a diverse array of interesting places to visit and food to savor, and we’re confident that venturing to Pakistan’s heartland will leave with you with very fond memories.

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